Kun Yong

Technical Expert

He joined 3M3S TECH PRIVATE LTD in 2016 with proven and vast track record in the field of invention and upgrading of Technology, Technical consultancy and Engineering services including Turn-key projects.

He has also been successfully involved in business activities of the company such as petroleum distillation and related activities, Waste/used lube oil refining, lube blending, crude Residue refining, Blowing / Oxidizing of Asphalt, white spirit and Manufacturing/Fabrication of complete Lube plant.

He has cumulative experience of over 25years and he has travelled and worked across the globe, like Texas Futura LLC, Crookett, USA, RAF Technology Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Oman Engine oil, Sohar, Oman, Al Ahsa Oil Factory, Al Ahsa , Gift Company for Refining and Marketing Lubrication Oils.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, He also worked in UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Napal, Iraq and India to mention a few.
Over the years, He has been reliably and efficiently involve in post-sales services to the company’s clients for smooth operations and business retention. He has also attended many conferences globally such as, NASCC Steel Conference and Exhibition as Exhibitor, and other various global Waste Lube oil Conferences.

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