In delivering specialty engineered products as required by our clients, Face-To-Face has direct OEM relationships that cover the entire value chain of the oil and gas operations. We have relationships with the major equipment integrators. We offer a complete solution for all fiscal metering requirements in Oil & Gas Industry.

At Face-To-Face satisfying our customer is our major aim the reason why we provide full package metering solution to our customers. We design, construct, install, commission, operate and maintain the following:

Special Engineering Product Units
• Crude Oil Custody Transfer Metering Unit.
• Gas Custody Transfer Metering skid.
• Produced Water Metering Skid.
• Pressure Reduction Metering Station.
• Fiscal Metering Skid.
• Fuel Gas Metering skid e.t.c.

We also offer a quick plug and play solution to ensure minimal disruption to the operations of our customers. Our expertise has clearly distinguished using the Oil & Gas industry.

We deliver complete project solution starting from procurement to construction to commissioning.